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In-depth Tax Interview

  • We offer an in-depth tax interview for individual and business returns.
  • We know the ins and outs of tax preparation, so you can feel confident we'll find all the deductions and credits you're entitled to.
  • Our tax preparers will work with you during the tax interview and provide you with the attention and service you deserve.  

Amended Returns

Wondering if your taxes were done right? Get a second look.
As we review last year’s return we may find things that were missed by the previous preparer.  

If you find documentation that you think may result in your ability to claim a larger refund or lower your liability after your return was filed this year, last year or the year before, bring it in to Joy. We’ll even review a prior-year return prepared by you or another tax preparation company and then notify you of any missed deductions or credits. For a fee, we’ll then file the amended return for you. 

Payroll Returns

Still doing your payroll by hand?  We can provide you with payroll services customized to your needs. Our services include:

  • Quarterly employment tax filing.
  • Paychecks, 941, 940, W-2 and W-3 services.
  • Preparation of 1099 and 1096 forms for subcontractors.

Free Peace of Mind

  • If you receive a notice from the IRS, we will help you understand and take care of it. 
  • If we made an error, we will correct it at no cost to you and pay any interest or penalties.