Get Reliable, Personal Service When You Need It

Get Reliable, Personal Service When You Need It

Tax preparation services in Granville, NY

Tax season comes once a year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll only need help once a year. Joy’s Tax Services is available year-round to handle all of your tax concerns and questions. As a client, you can enjoy having a tax professional accessible 365, as well as free consultations and reasonable prices.

Call today for tax services including:

Individual tax preparation

Small business tax preparation

Online tax preparation - If you choose to file your online, a simple federal return is free and less than $20.00 for all states. Just click on the link for online filing.

Small business payroll tax service - If you have only a few employees and want help filing, we can help you with E-filing federal and NY employment taxes, as well as payroll checks.

Support with IRS issues - No one likes to get a letter from the IRS, but it occasionally happens. When it does, we can interpret the letter and help you provide a proper response to it. If we prepared the return, there will be no charge for errors or omissions on our part. FYI: The IRS will never call you and threaten you with a lawsuit and/or imprisonment. There are many phishing scams out there trying to use your fear of the IRS to get your account information.

Advising to maximize tax credit - We keep up with tax updates and will advise you of  any tax credits available.

Discover how easy and rewarding filing your taxes with a local company can be by calling Joy’s Tax Services. For added convenience, consider filing your taxes online with expert support from our professionals.

Online Filing

Filing your taxes has never been easier! We offer online filing for those of you who prefer to prepare your own or we can prepare your income tax return through our online services. Joy's Tax Service can also prepare your tax return online. By utilizing your scanner and secure, encrypted software, you may upload your tax documents, have your tax return prepared by one of our highly trained preparers and then download your expertly prepared tax return for review and signing. Joy’s Tax Services offers electronic filing services and direct deposit of your refund which will get your refund to you faster, save you the hassle of waiting in line at the post office, sending your return via certified mail or going to the bank to deposit your refund check.

It is an unfortunate reality that some taxpayers owe rather than receive refunds at tax time. If this is you, Joy’s Tax Service can still file your return electronically. Your payment to the IRS can be paid either by electronic funds withdrawal or by mailing a check/money order with a voucher we will provide.

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